We have some great activities planned for Fall 2017 Rally

Just a Snap Shot of Activities: Come on out you will be glad you did.


Thursday: Is the casual night before the Thunder comes and is not intended for the shy or faint of heart. Meet new folks hang out and get your un-hinged party on. Thursday night we ask that all cameras remain at your camp site as a courtesy to our guests.   LOL 


Friday:  At or around 11:30 we have a group ride <because that is what we do>! The ride is to a western town you won’t want to miss. And yes there is a Saloon ready for our arrival. The ride is a little farther than most of our rides in the past <Approx 38 miles each way> and it will be well worth it !!! 


Friday Evening:  We will have people games leading up to sundown where we take flight. If you missed the Spring Rally your in luck because some of the Staff got a little tipsy and it did get the flight off the ground. One thing about this event you just gotta flow with it. You are surely going to want to be here for this. This is not something easily explained your just going to have to experience this first hand.


Friday Night: Let me introduce the The Adam Hill Band which is going to carry you back to place you haven’t been to in a long time.  They play original rock with a touch of blues. Between the band having one of the best guitar players in the region joined by an awsome bass player/ singer and top this off with a talented seasonned drummer this is not just a band it is a show you won’t want to miss. 


Saturday morning : Yeah right define morning !!! 


Saturday Afternoon:  Bike Rodeo’s with some exciting new skill challenges. Same Ole, Same Ole no longer lives here anymore. We have some of the most talented folks competing so start practicing your skill sets now !  In regards to new challenges lets just say it will involve our ladies and a straw!


Saturday Night: The Kimberly White Project Band is going to rock your sole like never before. Because they are a  female fronted  band expect to enjoy anything from rock to modern rock with a touch of hard rock mixed in.  


Saturday After Party: For those of yall that still has that party energy going on the party will continue on at the Harley Stage and we will have our signature Bare What Ya Dare Breezy Parade.


Sunday Morning: Once again define morning !!!!  Go the hell home cause you gotta make it to work on Monday LMAO!!!