We have some great activities planned for Spring 2018 Rally

Just a Snap Shot of Activities: Come on out you will be glad you did.


Thursday: Is the casual night before the Thunder comes and is not intended for the shy or faint of heart. Meet new folks hang out and get your un-hinged party on. Thursday night we ask that all cameras remain at your camp site as a courtesy to our guests.   LOL 


Friday:  At or around 11:30 we have a group ride <because that is what we do>! The ride is to the Tobacco Farm Museum located in Kenly.  This ride is about 40 miles and well worth the trip. This is a step back in time to a turn-of-the-century homestead, including a restored house and detached kitchen, smokehouse, log tobacco barn, and even an outhouse. The 6,000 square foot museum features both permanent and rotating exhibits on farm life, southern medicine, domestic skills, rural social life, and artifacts. Lets take a trip back in time to a simpler way of life.  The tour runs about $10.00 per person an this includes all material for one activity such as making candles or churning butter with a guided tour. In my mind nothing is going to be better than watching our ladies bent over and churning butter.   

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Friday Evening:  We will have some risque people games with a twist as we get our party on making ready for the band. 


Friday Night: Let me introduce the The South Creek Band. They play southern rock mixed in with a little blues to keep you in that party mode. original rock with a touch of blues. This is a show you won’t want to miss. 


Saturday morning : Yeah right define morning !!! 


Saturday Afternoon:  Bike Rodeo’s with some exciting new skill challenges. Same Ole, Same Ole no longer lives here anymore. We have some of the most talented folks competing so start practicing your skill sets now ! 


Saturday Evening:  Come strut your stuff, We are having a Ride in Bike show competition. 


Saturday Night:  A local favorite, the Steel Standin’ Band is going to rock your a– off.    


Saturday After Party: For those of yall that still has that party energy going on the party will continue on at the Harley Stage and we are fortunate to have Chris Rollins with his beautiful wife Charley as our DJ. If your still not done we also have our signature Bare What Ya Dare breezy parade. 


Sunday Morning: Once again define morning !!!!  Go the hell home cause you gotta make it to work on Monday LMAO!!! 



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