We have some great activities planned for Fall 2023

Just a Snap Shot of Activities: The event Theme is Race Day, More specifically Sexy at the Races. 

Come on out you will be glad you did.


Thursday: Is the casual night before the Thunder comes and is not intended for the shy or faint of heart. Meet new folks, hang out and get your un-hinged party on. Thursday night we ask that photo taking be selective as a courtesy to our guests.   LOL 




Friday Evening:  We will have some risque theme related people competitions.  Nothing is Sexier than watching a lady compete with items the guy competes against all the time. The big question is just how far we will take it?  The answer is right up to the edge and then take a peak over it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Friday Night: Harley Stage will be a Rocking as we crank up the tunes and party the night away. 


Saturday morning : Yeah right define morning !!! 


Saturday Afternoon:  Bike Rodeo’s with some exciting skill challenges. Of course there is always one that relates to the event Theme. So if you have never watched a Lady playing Disk Golf from a bike then you won’t want to miss this. Same Ole, Same Ole no longer lives here anymore. We have some of the most talented folks competing so start practicing your skill sets now ! 


Saturday Evening:  Come strut your stuff, We are having a Ride in Bike show competition. Show will stage up following the bike Rodeo.


Saturday Night:  The Band South 111 will takes the stage around 8ish.  This band is going to carry yall to a total new level.  Steel guitar is unheard of theses day but this group has a player. A relatively new band on the scene with seasoned talent. This very well could be the most skilled artist in one place at one time.  


Saturday After Party: For those of yall folks that still has that party energy going on the party will continue on at the Harley Stage. If your still not done we also have our signature Bare What Ya Dare Breezy Parade at midnight. 


Sunday Morning: Once again define morning !!!!  Go the hell home cause you gotta make it to work on Monday LMAO!!! 



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