We work hard to keep things interesting

Have you ever seen a Most Romantic make out competition? 


Have you ever seen 20 folks compete in the best moonshine competition after 100 folks take shot samples.?


Have you ever seen Pop Corn shooting 20 feet in the air and 100 people trying to catch it in little POP Corn Bags?


Have you ever seen a BIG Bang Competition where the ladies are hanging their head out of a window and the guys are Popping balloons on their backside to win a Medallion?


Have you ever seen folks throw 150 Flour bombs and Water balloons at a person wearing a Barbie Car to Raise funds for the Breast Cancer awareness foundation?


When was the last time you attended a Drive in Movie with POP UP comments while Cave men and Cave woman fight prehistoric animals and do other adult activities?


Have you ever seen a Camel Toe competition for Best of Show?

(Yeah that one sounds a little bad now after the fact)


Have you ever seen Wack a Moley on stage ?


How about three hot ladies jumping out of a birthday cake throwing streamers, poppers, glowsticks and condoms to the crowds?


If those don’t top the cake how about Hot ladies serving Ice cream with Spiked Moonshine Caramel or Strawberry Vodka Syrup to help cool ya down!


These are just some of the activities that go on off the cuff at our events. We pride ourselves in doing some of the most over the top things we can coax our patrons into participating in. Please come out and give us a chance to show you a good time. Hey, you never know what to expect and when, We can promise you that it will be different. We have a huge imagination!