Park Rules

At Mason Dixon Park we expect people to come to let their hair down and have a great time. Everyone who comes here is an adult and we expect you to act that way. For the Safety of you and other patrons there are few items that we are passionate about enforcing. 


1) This is an ADULT EVENT. We do allow 18 year old’s and over  to enter our event. We are very pro military and believe that if a person can die for this great country he or she is surely welcome to participate at our event. This is not a free pass to allow under aged alcohol consumption so do not show up if this is your intention. Please be prepared to show a government issued ID at the gate or forget entry!


          2) Glass Bottles are a no no. Motorcycle tires are very expensive and our ladies feet are even more expensive. If you must                    consume beverages that are only available in glass then plan on taking a lot of walks back to  your campsite for a
          refill into a plastic container. Save us the grief and do not bring it!  This is passionately enforced in event, vendor and stage


3) A wristband is required! Each person must wear the wristband that is placed on you when paying to enter. We will not tolerate forgeries and trespassing. Note: If you must go somewhere and want to remain discreet go to the gatehouse and see the staff to discuss this matter.


4) No Weapons are allowed to be brought onto Mason Dixon Park property by our patrons. Event staff will determine if what is on your person is to be viewed as an intentional weapon in their eyes. If you have such an item that would be in question save us the trouble and please leave it at home.


5) Please use a burn barrel or some other means to contain the fire. This must be house kept prior to leaving! This is necessary to ensure that we keep fires under control. Please do not start a bonfire at your camping site! Water access is limited and we do not need to start a wildfire!


6) We at Mason Dixon Park have high respect for all clubs, we are not affiliated with any organizations so to keep peace within the MDP family and to remain a neutral event we DO NOT ALLOW CLUB CUTS that claim territory to be displayed at our event.  Riding clubs, Military riding groups that honor our vets and soldiers are all waived from this rule. We only ask to please refrain from large concentrations of your group that may make a non-member uncomfortable.


7) This is a motorcycle event and motorcycles are always top priority. We welcome golf carts, ATV’s, or any other contraption that you may have built as transportation. The presence of a burning headlamp is mandatory for night time operation. Please use good common sense when operating your transportation or this privilege it will be removed without question. There are many very expensive motorcycles at this event. It is highly recommended your transportation maintains liability insurance at a minimum. Mason Dixon Park is not responsible for injuries or damages arising from your or anyone’s actions.


8) If you have any concerns or problems report them to Event Staff immediately, Staff will work towards a resolution as quickly as possible. No touching or yelling at our staff or another patron will be tolerated. Doing such, is the best way  to find yourself escorted out the gate  immediately.   We do ask that you do not call law enforcement. We will make calls to them if necessary.
                                                                 Please have a safe an enjoyable time at our event

                   “See this was painless, It is all about respect”

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